Saturday, April 9, 2011

For All Those Test Takers Out There: Android SAT Test Trainer

Gadgetium SAT Trainer

Gadgetium SAT Trainer is application for students preparing for SAT Exams. It used our "adaptive test engine" that has been operational for more than 3 years. It has ability to automatically re-adjust the difficulty level of questions in test material based on usage statistics, thus improve the test material while on the other side improve the users's knowledge (this app is supposed to train and prep user for exams).

In Android version, Gadgetium SAT Trainer provides 25 questions in 4 modes:
- beginner: 25 easiest questions, used for beginner to get grip on the test material.
- normal : 25 distributed questions from easy to hard.
- expert : 25 most questions, used for final exams and building confidence.
- adaptive: start from easy question, getting harder if you correctly answer the question, fall-back to easier one if incorrectly answer the question.

This android version is still in beta. Slow internet connection might cause error during test. If you found problem and still need the SAT prep test, try our more stable version in (use it with Google Chrome). 

Gadgetium SAT Trainer for Android screenshot
Gadgetium SAT Trainer for Android screenshot


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