Tuesday, March 15, 2011

MyPocketProf : Be paper-free and organized with this app.

It allows you to copy and synchronize notes as well as organize and share those notes. The program comes with live updates that alert you to when friends or classmates share new materials with you. You also have the option of an “Exam Learning Mode” with courses.

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myPocketProf allows you to keep all your course notes stored locally on your Phone. Locally simply means that no network connection is required to read them, once they have been synchronized. You can copy entire websites and have them stored as course notes, or as part of your notes. Furthermore, you can even upload files or have them embedded into your course note:
The following are fully supported
  • images (jpg, png, gif)
  • Microsoft Office Documents
  • PDF & Textan imageWhenever you create a note, or any article you wish to have on your myPocketProf mobile app, you can create the folders/hierarchy that you need to classify them. This is a great way to organize and build on your notes. This provides a very easy way to maintain notes on a particular topic. With myPocketProf, you can add:
  • Audio (mp3)
  • Video
  • Rich Text Notes
 an imageSharing allows you to share any folder, any note, any hierarchy of notes with any user. Likewise, those sharing with you will be able to receive instant updates on all your course notes. Do you need to give a fellow student a file, or a document, or even course notes? Simply upload it using our Editor as a course note (Word Documents, PowerPoint, etc) and they will be able to download them via their phones.

 an imageView or even contribute to our public mobile library where students from all over the world have submitted notes from their courses. The library is organized by Country, Degree Type, and Subject. You will find dictionaries, glossaries and tools for most courses and disciplines. .

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Once you've finished with your notes, you can sell them on for other students to benefit, or you could offer them free if you wish. You can create courses, and test questions to not only help yourself, but help others also at the same time, and get paid for it! These services are completely FREE.
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- source http://www.mypocketprof.com/


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