Monday, February 21, 2011

Need a Classroom Recorder? Introducing Astrid

Astrid - Androids Simple Recording Master App

Astrid is an open-source task list that is simple enough; but, for the important things in your life, it encourages you into staying organized.

If you’re anything as forgetful as we are then you’ll constantly be missing important events thanks to the fact that your brain is about as retentive......... as a sieve with particularly large holes. Such absent-mindedness has the potential to land you in pretty hot water – especially if you happen to miss a loved one’s birthday or a make-or-break business meeting.
Thankfully, Astrid is digital salvation for us hopeless scatterbrains. On the surface it appears to be a rudimentary task manager but after spending a few moments in its company it soon becomes clear that Astrid in fact a powerful tool that makes keeping track of your day-to-day life that little bit easier.


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