Saturday, February 19, 2011

iStudent PRO: Organize Your PigPig

istudent pro iphone schedulerFor those of you who haven’t been in school for awhile, things have changed. Whether you’re in grade school, walking the halls of high school, or in college you’re expected to do more than ever. And having a wide array of responsibilities can be extremely stressful. In fact, so stressful it’s not uncommon for students to suffer through panic attacks and such. Well now there’s a way for students to sort out all of schools different challenges, and all you need is your iPhone and iStudent Pro.
The app is a basic organization tool for students. Obviously targeted at the college crowd, iStudent Pro offers things like: class and course management, assignments list, schedule, and more. For starters, iStudent Pro can keep track of your course schedule. As is often the case in college, you go to a class maybe a few times a week at different times. Well those class times are hard to keep track of. And they look even more confusing on paper! Well this app can keep track of all your courses virtually, so you’ll never miss a class!This app also keeps track of home work assignments. Instead of scribbling down page numbers and problems on the back of your hand, enter the info into your iTouch. You can then check it whenever you’re ready to do your home work. I actually tried this feature and found it worked great. In a way, it was almost motivation to get the home work done!
If you have events you need to keep track of, both inside and outside of school, then you can enter them into this app via the calender section. Then you’ll be constantly reminded of what you have coming up on your schedule!
This app keeps track of information by filtering it into four different categories: Today, Calender, Assignments, and Courses. I love the “Today” page because you can open it up in the morning to see what the day holds.
All in all this all is an extremely well done, helpful app. At the price of $2.99 it definitely replaces a paper agenda or note book. I can confidently say I’m more organized and procrastinate less thanks to this app. So check out iStudent Pro now!


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