Saturday, February 19, 2011

Convert - The Unit Calculator iPhone App

Convert - The Unit Calculator: $0.99

Convert - The Unit Calculator


Converts dozens of unit types, ranging from measurements you'd use in math class -- angles and area; to science class -- temperature and force; to design class -- typography and computer file sizes. Currently the no. 2 most downloaded paid app in the App Store.

Converting measurements is a common problem (at least for me).  And while there are lots of sites out there that convert from one unit of measurement to another, I think it's nicer to just have a native app that does it.  And clearly I'm not alone in that belief. There are many different conversion tools--ranging from ones that just handle one type of measurement (such as currencey) to ones that handle several. The latest app to join in the fray is Convert.
Convert is, by far, my favorite conversion tool.  The interface is super slick and easy to use--Even the spinner is cool! When you move the black 'category' spinner, the units move out of the way so you can see the names of the categories.  You can also flag (star) categories that you use most often.
To convert from one unit to another, scroll the first white wheel to the unit you are starting with, then scroll the second white wheel to what you ultimately want.  Now just enter the amount using the calculator type keypad at the bottom of the screen.  That's it! No need to click all over the screen with the keyboard popping up and down or clicking into a box where you enter the amount.
Convert is a great app that’s well designed and thought out.  It doesn’t just get the job done, but it makes it easy to get the job done.




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