Tuesday, May 10, 2011

WatchESPN App : Android Released Stream Live TV

For the Android faithful that enjoys streaming live TV to their chosen smartphone the word is the new WatchESPN app for Android has now hit the Android Market and is free to download to your device.
According to the Boy Genius Report, by way of Business Insider, the WatchESNP app for Android enables the user to stream live TV to their Android device over cellular data connections or WiFi.
The WatchESPN app streams live TV from ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3 and ESPNU if you subscribe to partner cable providers along with highlights and video clips from the day’s news and sport.
With the WatchESPN app for Android the user gains access to MBA regular season and playoffs, Major League Baseball, College Football and basketball, The Masters, US Open and the Open Championship, all four Grand Slam tennis events, Euro 2012 Soccer, Spanish Premier Division, Barclays Premier League and more.
As stated earlier, the WatchESPN app for Android is available to download to your chosen Android device running Android 2.2 or above for free from the Android Market.

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

TrapCaLL - Unblocking Made Easy !

Always Know Who's Calling !

Available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry, this call screening,call recording,call blocking app lets you see who's calling, even when the number is blocked, plus blacklist callers, record calls and more. Ethical questions aside (how is it unblocking numbers if not by violating user privacy somehow?), it's an app we know many will want. (Free app, service plans at $4.95/month+, multiple app stores)


See Plans&Pricing

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"No More Standing In Line" mobile app

Club Droid

Club Droid is the first and only application for Android that’s your mobile connection to the hottest parties, concerts & events. Thanks to our partnership with major record labels, downloading the ClubDroid Android App will get you the hottest party alerts, headlines, news stories, all for FREE!

Recently changed in this version:
Added radio, videos, parties, photos, and more - get premier Party Alerts and News Updates when you need them!

 Club Droid for Android screenshotClub Droid for Android screenshot

         QR CODE
  • by Paul 18/04/2011
    Informative! This app actually works, I got into a club here in LA
  • by oczavia 13/04/2011
  • by Pat 13/04/2011
    Love it
  • by Ju 08/04/2011
    This is a needed app if u wanna stay up to date on what's happening in urban life. A must have app
  • by Mohamed 03/04/2011
    I luv it, keep me updated on news and whats going on in chicago parties
  • by Kay 29/03/2011
    Grooves baby
  • by Jessica 27/03/2011
    I met dj Clinton Sparks thanks to Club Droid!
  • by Tyrone 24/03/2011
    I'm partying alot these days
  • by Kishaun 22/03/2011
    Seems like a cool idea especially since Everyone has a droid now. But there are hardly any posts & no events promoted. Useless so far. Getting rid it
  • by Darryl 16/03/2011
    This is the best darn app period

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    Saturday, April 23, 2011

    FlixDroid (Pro)

    FlixDroid is a high power search engine for the Netflix movie catalog. It will help you find all the movies you've been looking for on Netflix. You can search by Title, Synopsis, MPAA Ratings, Genres, Actors, Languages, Format, Release Year, User Ratings, and more. Once you have a search you like, you can save it to use over and over. Flixdroid is also a full featured Queue manager. Once you find the title you've been looking for add it to your queue.

    *Note - NOT FOR INSTANT VIEWING! Currently there are no apps on the Android that can view Netflix 'Watch it Now' so please don't download this if your are looking for that feature!

    Get It Now !

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    -source http://www.appbrain.com/app/flixdroid-(pro)/sm.dev.flixdroid


    Saturday, April 16, 2011

    USPS Mobile Android App

    USPS Mobile Android app gives you on-the-go access to USPS.com’s most popular tools.
    • Version: 1.0.0
    • Size: 2.28MB (no apps2SD)
    • Category: Tools
    • Price: Free

    This Android app is a powerfully simple tool for those who frequently use the United States Postal Service. When you open the app you are presented with three main options. You can instantly locate the nearest post office location, automated postal center, or collection box. Initially, to utilize these features you will need to have your location determined by your device’s GPS. Then, you have the option to adjust the map area and re-scan for updated results. Additionally, typing in an address (or even just a zipcode) will jump the map to that area.
    Once you’ve chosen a location/collection box, click the bubble to expand its details. The provided information includes the address and distance from your current location as well as the option to open directions with another application (e.g. Google Maps). Conveniently, you can also check the office’s hours or give them a call directly from the app before making a trip (handy since each location has its own hours and collection times).
    Best of all, this app makes tracking packages extremely easy. To access this feature, hit the Menu button on your Android device. Then all you have to do is enter the delivery confirmation number, tracking number, etc. that relates to the particular shipment you’d like to monitor.

    • Instantly find the nearest post office, automated postal center, and/or collection box
    • Look up directions, post office hours, etc.
    • Track packages from drop-off to delivery (and only type the tracking number in once!)

    Areas for improvement:
    • Add the tracking option to the app’s main screen choices
    • Add option to manually enter location so GPS is not needed

    Conclusion: If you’re frequently mailing letters or shipping/receiving packages, the USPS Android app will streamline the process and hopefully take a little stress out of your life.
    [AppBrain Link]


    Friday, April 15, 2011

    iCert 70-680 Practice Exam

    iCert™ Practice Exam
    for Microsoft Exam #70-680
    TS: Windows 7, Configuring

    Web: http://www.icertapp.com/

    iCert is the gold standard for mobile practice certification exams. You may find our practice exams on iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone 7, and we cover many popular exams from Microsoft, Cisco, and other vendors. 

    iCert's exam content is developed by real-world IT experts, and our staff is highly trained and highly certified. While other practice exam makers concentrate on "cool design and features," we keep our apps simple and focus on bringing you quality content that will give you a realistic assessment of whether you are prepared to pass a certification exam, as well as help you to learn some of the things you may have missed in your studies.

    Feature List:

    - All apps have 1 full practice exam, with additional questions available for purchase within the app at a discount!


    - Choose to take a short test, a full exam, or all questions available

    - Explanations are given for all questions and answers at the end of the exam

    - End-of-exam scoring includes a breakdown by section to point out your strong and weak points

    - A feedback button is available for you to ask us if you still don't understand a question or think you've found an inaccuracy

    - All items are reviewed by real-world Subject Matter Experts for both relevancy and accuracy

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    source http://www.appbrain.com/app/icert-70-680-practice-exam/com.icertapp.a70680 


    Thursday, April 14, 2011

    MobBase Apps Now Available for Android!

    MobBase, the fast, easy and inexpensive way for musicians to get their own iPhone apps, is now the fast, easy and inexpensive way for them to get Android apps too. Musicians and music companies can now use MobBase to build their own custom applications and with no extra effort, offer them to fans using Android devices and even personal computers.
    The build-once, publish across multiple platforms capability is made possible through Adobe InMarket, a service that helps MobBase distributeAdobe® AIR® applications across app stores, including the Intel®AppUp℠ storefront.
    “Artists just want to make great music and great experiences for their fans,” said Charles Feinn, CEO and co-founder of MixMatchMusic, MobBase’s developer. “We’re helping them stay focused on their music and fans by eliminating the need to make a decision about a technology platform. With MobBase, they can build their own custom app and make that app available to all their fans on whatever platform or device fans prefer.”
    MobBase has already launched hundreds of Android and desktop apps and is offering artists the additional distribution on Android and desktops for no additional monthly cost through this summer. The current AIR application will run on Android OS 2.2 or later equipped phones, and on personal computers running AIR. MobBase apps are expected to be published on additional mobile devices, tablets, and TVs in the future.
    “MobBase is a great example of how developers are reducing costs by leveraging Adobe AIR for multi-screen app development and distributing those applications to many consumers through Adobe InMarket,” said Eric Wittman, Head of Platform Services at Adobe. “By streamlining the process of creating and publishing high value apps, MobBase can focus on creating a fantastic experience for the artist and provide the broadest possible distribution for their apps across different device types.”
    Adobe AIR, a key component of the Adobe® Flash® Platform, is a cross-platform environment that makes it easy to build and deploy rich Internet applications on multiple platforms.
    More than 400 artists, record labels and concert venues have launched their own MobBase apps, including Tila TequilaX JapanParkway Drive,Pepper9:30 Club, and Paul Thorn. And producers for shows and movies including Parenthood and Stomp the Yard are using MobBase to connect with fans.
    “MobBase has been such a hit with artists because it’s a low cost, surefire way to connect with fans,” said Feinn. “Making it easy to reach even more fans is a ‘can’t miss’ benefit for them, and we’re expecting a lot of artists to take advantage as a result.”
    MobBase distribution partners including IODAJangoIRISBandsInTown,HelloMusic and Valleyarm will be offering MobBase Android and desktop apps to their artists and labels.

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